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West End Reviews

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Logo drs review e“With Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, theatreland may have cracked that elusive formula of critical success that also manages to draw in those all important crowds. This Robert Lindsay and Rufus Hound starring musical is stuffed to the brim with charm, panache and delightfully catchy tunes you’ll be singing for weeks.” [read the full review]

The Public Reviews

Public reviewsstar-rating-5.0“This musical is like a breath of fresh air. At its heart are great musical numbers with light and shade and superb tunes. Witty lyrics abound and the cast all sing the numbers with such joy!” 

MK Web

MK web“Director Jerry Mitchell always sprinkles magic stardust on his shows. Robert Lindsay reclaims the musical stage like he’d never been away and Rufus Hound is funny and loveable even when he’s being a snake and a scumbag.” [read the full review]


Manchester Opera House Reviews

Manchester Evening News

Manchester Evening News


“With experienced Jerry Mitchell at the helm, the choreography is a delight in this slick, glossy musical”

Daily Post

Daily Poststar-rating-5.0“Robert Lindsay steps into the classy con man role which Caine exploited and adds a further touch of debonair, a good slice of comedy and takes to the song and dance like a – well, like an expert con-man to a glorious scam – he is a natural stage performer and he revels in every minute.” [read the full review]

What’s On Stage

Whats on Stagestar-rating-5.0“Director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell (Legally Blonde) has put together a production so slick that I think it’s safe to say he has some award nominations heading his way if there is any justice.”

Theatre Royal Sydney Reviews

What’s On Sydney

Whats on Sydney“By the response from the opening night audience, it was clear the show is a big hit, thanks to the work of Roger Hodgman. You may have come to the theatre expecting something else, but you go out with a buzz, whirling around the dance floor…Anne Wood, as the medicated Muriel, has the experience and timing for “What Was a Woman to Do”. Her balcony scenes, with Andre (John Wood) are beautifully crafted and deftly delivered from both of them.” [read the full review] 


Simon Parris

Simon Parris“Jeffrey Lane has neatly adapted director Frank Oz’s 1988 film into a slick piece of musical theatre. David Yazbeck’s instantly catchy score is a clever pastiche of European music with some Broadway ballads and belts thrown in for good measure. In a rare feat for new musicals, the lyrics, also by Yazbeck, are extraordinarily good.  A supreme example of the modern musical style, songs are intrexicably embedded into the action, so that songs, dialogue and dance combine to an extremely satisfying cohesive whole.” [read the full review]


Musical Hell

Musical Hell“The musicalization of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was almost certainly inspired by the success of The Producers, as it also features an odd-couple pair of leading men, a swindle-heavy plot, and a farcical style that doesn’t so much break the fourth wall as tear it down with a wrecking ball.  Yet the show retains enough merits on its own to stand as more than a mere copycat.  David Yazbek’s jazzy score, while simply serviceable in places, contains enough gems to make it worthwhile: highlights in addition to “Great Big Stuff” include Christine’s lively introduction “Here I Am” and Lawrence’s pensive “Love Sneaks In.” [read the full review] 

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